Hints for New Starlite Members.

We are a community of hundreds of poets with the mission of Bringing Poets Together. There are several ways to connect to other poets. Here are some suggested steps of how to best integrate into The Starlite Cafe.

First, make a note of the URL, TheStarliteCafe.com. There are several sites with similar names that only exist to make money from mistyped names. There is a THE in the name: THEstarlitecafe.com. We want to make sure you can find your way back to us.

Second, read other people's poetry. You can find the latest poems published on your private homepage. Some of the best poems are listed on our front page. There are constant challenges both public and private going on. Anyway you do it, find poems that you enjoy and LEAVE comments. Please leave more than just "good write". These poets have seen lots of those types of comment. Read their poetry, care about it and leave comments that show that you care about the poem. These comments are mailed to the poet. They will usually read your material in return and leave comments. Please dont invite anyone to read your poems. We are all here for the same reason: to be read. They know how to find your poems. When you get back an email thank you or a return visit then that person is a possible friend.

Second is a follow up from the first, make friends. You can request friendship with any poet on Starlite. So request friendships with the poets you have read and who has commented on your poems. When someone is your friend, it opens up a new world with Private Challenges that are opened only to friends. It also allows you to build your friendship circle.

Third, after you have built a circle of friends, then start creating challenges of your own. You can create challenges that are available to all of Starlite or to just your friends. You can select how the winner is decided either by host or by voting.

Fourth, just have fun. That is what it is all about.. having fun.

Remember the mission of The Starlite Cafe is to "bring poets together". It is all about the connections and the friendships. Good Luck...